Updated: 5/3/2020

Storyboard Description

earth science

Storyboard Text

  • oh no! Mom, it's snowing very hard and blowing all over!
  • Well honey there might be a blizzard happening outside.
  • But dad isn't home yet!
  • This family was smart and did everything right. They had food and water ready and went to their basement and stayed off the roads. They waited for the storm to pass to come back upstairs. Lucky, there was no damage done to their house because the blizzard was not that severe, since blizzards can vary. It is important to act like this family if a blizzard happens by you!
  • Oh good, you're home. How's the weather?
  • 1 hour later
  • Oh, it's a blizzard! The temp is lower than 10 degrees F and the wind speed is higher than 35 mph blowing the snow around! And this all has being happening for at least 3 hours!
  • We should stay in the basement to be safe. Blizzards can happen in any places that get snow! They could make the roof cave in or break windows so we need to stay here until it's done
  • Good thing we have food and water and flashlights done here.
  • Driving is very dangerous in blizzards. I'm glad you're home
  • The national weather service will help with the clean up of the blizzard and tell us when it should be done. Blizzards can cause damage to cost 1.2 billion dollars a year
  • Thank goodness you saw all these signs and hurried home!
  • I'm glad we had a plan for blizzard by coming to the basement and having