Chains CHapters 39-40
Updated: 5/8/2020
Chains CHapters 39-40

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  • Chapter 40
  • Chains Chapter 39
  • Isabel goes to the market with Sarah.And get seperated.
  • Ok I will go when I make my daily water trips.
  • Please you have to help deliver this message to Curzon in prison.I Can not go there
  • Why is Isabel talking to a rebel officer?
  • Here is a message to you from Captain Morse
  • Lets goooo!!!!!
  • It says we won the battle!!!!!
  • No! These Rebels have won another battle.
  • I have brought more food for Curzon.
  • The next time you come bring some cake will you.
  • Name his George
  • hIt is ok I am very thankful you tried.
  • I am still being sold even if she is nice.
  • Sorry for the way they are treating you. I asked them to buy you. Said No!