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4th 6th Weeks Outside Reading Project
Updated: 2/23/2019
4th 6th Weeks Outside Reading Project
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  • Rashad went to the convenience store before school started to buy some snacks, and then he bumped into a lady by accident. Then the police officer and the convenience store owner saw and thought Rashad was stealing because of his skin color, then got escorted out and shoved outside. Quinn, a caucasian boy who goes to the same school had witnessed Rashad getting shoved by Paul, his best friend.
  • Rashad had to go to the hospital because he got injuries. His parents came down to see him and his brother was really furious. He spent about 1 week there just drawing and his family visited everyday. His friends texted him and he even saw himself on the news.
  • Together, the school and Rashad's parents protested and when they got to the police station, they called out the names of all the black men and women that died due to police brutality and racism.
  • The leader of the CPD, Chicago Police Department, used many barbaric ways of torture, like electric shock, to get African American males and females to confess of their "crimes", which most of them were made up just to get them arrested.
  • Then, a guy named Flint Taylor, a lawyer helped these people along with others to gather evidence and bring a lawsuit against the CPD.
  • Flint Taylor and all the other people who filed the lawsuit changed today's world because the campaign was successful, obtained reparations for many of the survivors and set human rights precedents that have since been adopted by the US. 
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