Safe Phlebotomy Simulation: Choose the Right Vein

Updated: 2/27/2017
Safe Phlebotomy Simulation: Choose the Right Vein

Storyboard Description

University of Nottingham HELM Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Not again!
  • Enter Safe Phlebotomy Simulation
  • I can't get blood from Jimmy. Can you help?
  • The 5 Rights
  • Site Selection
  • Student meets the co-worker and patient. Student must protect the patient's legal rights: Identify her/himself to the patient, ask permission to retry the blood collection, and explain the procedure.
  • Aseptic Technique
  • Use alcohol gel when water is unavailable.
  • Is this the right patient, the right test, the right time, the right equipment, and the right collection site? Student must demonstrate how to check the ID band and retrieve a doctor's order from the lab's database.
  • Complications
  • Student identifies when and when not to use an arm, hand, leg, or foot for blood collection. Student identifies the basilic, median cubital, cephalic, femoral, and popliteal veins on an interactive anatomical map.
  • End Simulation
  • 5 mL. is just enough.
  • Student must wash and glove her/his hands, and disinfect the collection site. Student must demonstrate correct infection control for spilled or broken blood tubes and used needles.
  • Student must explain what to do for complications, such as: No blood obtained, fainting, arterial puncture, seizure, hematoma, IV tubing, restraints, or witnessed collection for drug monitoring.
  • Student bandages the patient and says goodbye. Student debriefs co-worker, explaining correct labeling, clean-up, transportation to the lab, and specimen storage.