Social Studies
Updated: 1/15/2020
Social Studies
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  • Umm...I guess
  • Pssss... Can i copy your homework i forgot to do mines..
  • No problem man anytime
  • Thanks for the help with that homework
  • Tell me the answers as a whole class
  • Also you must answer the rest of the questions at home
  • Okay class turn in your homework and we will review it
  • Hmm. And i think that a religous group is a group of people who share the same religion. An example is Islam.
  • OO- i know an ethnic group is a group of people who share the same cultural background or race. An example is Persians.
  • Hmm the answer key is right there it wont hurt if i take a look
  • Answer KEYArabs-They speak Arabic.Live in most of southwest Asia.They believe in Islam.They believe they are descendants ofAbraham through his son Ishmael. Persians- They speak Farsi. They live in Iran. They are mostly Shi'a Muslim.The Persians’ ancestors were Indo-Europeans who migrated from central Europe and Southern RussiaKurd's-They have a Indo-European language related toFarsi. They live in Kurdistan. They are mostly Sunni Muslim. They believe they are descendants of Medes, ancient Iranian people.Next Page Images
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