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the alchemist part one
Updated: 9/16/2020
the alchemist part one
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  • that girl at the shop was so pretty, i cant wait to see her again when i go to sell my sheep wool!!!
  • i cant believe that old gypsy didn't help me! she just told me to go to pyramids and give her any treasure i found!
  • hey that book youre reading is super annoying. if you give me some of your sheep ill tell you how to find treasure. also i'm a king. also i know your entire life story bro!!!
  • these rocks tell me yes or no? and you want me to go find that treasure? ok! heres my sheep!
  • thanks bro. im your guardian angel, you have my blessing and i hope you find your PERSONAL LEGEND. also you can't carry a spoon of oil and see the world at the same time but you should try to do both!
  • Santiago sleeps in an old church and has a dream and thinks about a pretty girl he saw in the shop last year. He is excited to go back and hopes to see her again.
  • later, in tangier
  • i cant believe that dude stole my money! maybe i should just go back home!!
  • Santiago goes to a gypsy to interpret his dream and she isn't very helpful. He meets an old man named King Melchizedek who tells him some life lessons.
  • is the king's blessing still on me? Yes! Will i find the treasure? oh, they both fell out. I guess that means i should make my own decisions!
  • The king gives him two stones that will answer his yes or no questions. He also tells him to find his personal legend and see the world like he wants to.
  • ill give you a job to thank you for cleaning and helping me. youll be able to go back home when you save up enough money.
  • Santiago thinks he's found a friend in an arabic bar, but that dude steals his money. He cries in the middle of the marketplace.
  • he asks the stones two questions. the second time, they don't give a clear answer, so he interprets it as he needs to make his own decisions.
  • He helps a candy maker set up and gets candy. He also helps a crystal man sell his crystal, and gets a job so he can save up money to go back home next year.
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