Updated: 8/20/2020

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  • Where am I?
  • Your in the hospital
  • aren't you supposed to be at school
  • yeah but I heard you where in trouble I got on a plane to Singapore and then came here I used the badge that dad made me when I did the newspaper for the neighed and said I was a reporter so they let me in during the war.
  • Walid was awake when they found out in the hospital but adam was still asleep and while Adam was asleep Walid was enjoying unlimited chocolate.
  • i'm signing you out of here what's your friends name tell me about him
  • Adam had woken up for his sleep and was very confused he was in the hospital and didnt know how he got there.
  • Finally Adam know test that valid what here and that his sister who was meant to be in boarding school was here too.
  • Adams sister is signing them out of the hospital and taking them home but doesn't know anything about Walid so Adams sister asked Adam and Adam realised that he didn't know anything about him either.
  • his name is walid but now I think I don't really know much about him
  • Time to go home is what Adams sister says to walid and Adam but she said it in Walid's language
  • So now we are home we can work out what to do with Walid and we need to figure out if tara is ok from that gun shot wound from the fight and Adam said sorry to his parents for not leaving and going back for Tara.
  • What are we going to do with Walid and is Tara ok
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