Out of my mind
Updated: 8/18/2020
Out of my mind

Storyboard Text

  • Mrs V is Meloy’s next door neighbour. Mrs V is tall and likes to wear big, flowy dresses with bright colours.
  • Mrs V would look after Melody when Melody’s parents were at work. Melody was trying to reach a monkey and she rolled over and grabbed it.
  • Since Melody can’t talk so she has a board on her wheelchair so she can point to words tocommunicate with people what she is saying she is angry because she wants more words on her board so she can communicate more.
  • Mrs V took Melody in all sorts of weather even if it was raining or snowing. Mrs V would always take Melody on her front porch.
  • After Mrs V took Melody out she would dry Melody off and give her some chocolate milk before Melody's dad picked her up.
  • When Melody went to sleep that night she would always dream about chocolate clouds.