Christian Self's Magnus Chase storyboard
Updated: 2/12/2021
Christian Self's Magnus Chase storyboard

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  • Is that the only option?
  • Sorry cousin I know you didn't like him, but this may help us all.
  • Hmph... that is what I was afraid of
  • Bye cousin, good luck. Bye Alex
  • By Annabeth
  • Later cuz
  • It looks like somebody has already been here
  • Well whoever did it. They probably want your Uncle's studies as well.
  • Annabeth (blond girl) tells Magnus (blond boy) that he must visit his Uncle Randolph's mansion because there are things she said he must see. Magnus disliked his Uncle, but know that he doesn't have many choices.
  • Strange it seems to be coming from the office
  • Why do I smell burning nobody lives here anymore?
  • Alex (green hair) comes with Magnus as Annabeth says her goodbyes to the boys. She mustn't be away from Camp Half-blood for too long..
  • Woah what happened?
  • If that happened to the intruder then why are we still alive?
  • Magnus and Alex arrive at the mansion, but it looks like somebody may have broke in. They then go inside to investigate.
  • As they use the key to get inside; there is a burnt kind of smell when they enter. They go to investigate as the smell gets stronger from the office. It is odd because Uncle Randolph is trapped with Loki the go of mischief
  • They find the man who most likely broke in and burnt to a crisp. They realize Uncle Randolph probably set this trap so nobody else would get his research, Magnus and Alex are confused to why they aren't scorched