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Updated: 10/3/2020
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  • Hey sweetie I know it has been a long time, but please forgive me.
  • Hey sis, long time, no see.
  • Hey Carter, I don't know dad I have been stuck with Grans and Gramps for some time now.
  • You shouldn't try this Julius you know the consequences.
  • Yeah we made a deal and you're about to break it
  • Get out of here Amos. We made a deal. Don't try to stop me. I must do this.
  • Who was that dad?
  • Ok dad whatever you say.
  • Oh don't worry it was just an old friend of mine
  • Carter and his Dad meet up with Carter's Sister, Sadie at a museum. This is the first time he has even seen Sadie in years. Since their mother died in what is said to be a "car crash"
  • I don't know, but I think he is doing something with that artifact.
  • Ok Thank you.
  • Here you go Mr.Kane I shouldn't do this, but i give you 5 minutes.
  • An old colleague of Julius (the dad) man was following them. The kids are suspicious, but Julius knows that he needed confrontation. Julius confronts his colleague, Amos. They go across the street to meet.
  • Dad what are you doing!?
  • They end the conversation and Julius heads back to his kids. Then they head into the museum.
  • Now you shall be banished!
  • That was a mistake... NOW YOU DIE!!!
  • They are in the museum now and Julius head to an artifact called the Rosetta Stone, A stone with hieroglyphs on it used for decryption. He talks to the manager of the museum and gets him to take it out of the case. Then convinces them to be alone with it cause he got favors from the mueum
  • What is he Doing?
  • Once the manager leaves the room he locks the door and pulls out a blade and starts saying things to the stone. He starts to summon something.
  • What the heck!
  • A giant figure appears above the stone, and it starts speaking to Julius. Julius starts talking to it saying he is going to seal it away for good. Something goes wrong with the spell and the kids are flung to the wall getting knocked dizzy.
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