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Daniel T.
Updated: 6/6/2019
Daniel T.
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  • Rue's Death
  • Daniel Taylor Assignment
  • Every last bit.
  • I'm going to. going to win for the both of us..
  • You.. have to.. win
  • You... blew up the food?
  • Katniss realizes Peeta's intentions
  • Fighting Cato to let me escape
  • Keeping me from running to the cornocopia
  • Katniss's true feelings
  • I want to go home
  • I want to go home now.
  • You will. i promise
  • tell you what. sleep and dream of home. And you'll be there in no time
  • Rue
  • Rue and Katniss exchange their final words with each other as rue is slowly dying.
  • how did Haymitch win?
  • how do you think he did it?
  • who? did what?
  • this was when Katniss realizes that Peeta was never against her and was trying to protect her all along.
  • Katniss Doesn't want a family
  • he lives alone and is always drunk. i wouldn't wanna live like that
  • Peeta, it turns out has never been a threat to me
  • Rue
  • Katniss has been showing her tough side all along throughout the hunger games but shows how bad shes worried, tired, and scared.
  • Katniss's worries
  • *do you know? do you know how much danger we're in?
  • in this scene Katniss and Peeta talked about how Haymitch could have won his hunger games given the type of person he is. it's a significant moment of them touching upon the topic.
  • well judging by how much we know about him. he probably out smarted the other tributes of his time
  • Haymitch. how do you think he won his hunger game
  • Rue
  • Katniss shows that she doesn't have any interest in having a husband or children because she sees them as a sign of weakness.
  • *but you wouldn't be alone*
  • Katniss is wondering if Peeta knows how much trouble and danger that they have put themselves in now that they forced the game makers and mr. Snow's hand.
  • Rue
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