Updated: 2/28/2020

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wonder wonder wonder wonder

Storyboard Text

  • I am not a normal kid.
  • ...
  • August, we enrolled you in a prep school.
  • Honey, this is mr tushman.
  • Hi...
  • Im the director of this middle school that you are going to.
  • So, this is the perfomance room.
  • "I mean, sure, I do ordinary things.""If I had a magic lamp and had one wish, I would wish I had a normal face that nobody never noticed at all."August talks about how hes not normal.
  • "You've been talking about this for a whole year and not telling me?""Her smile kind of hugged me.Agusts parents talk about the prep school he is going to.
  • So, this is the room.
  • "I started giggling right away."This school was very different."August meets Mr tushman.
  • I am August, and I have a dog, and stuff..
  • "Took my hand, forced a smile, and shook my hand.""I dont want to meet anybody."He gets a tour of the school, where Jack will, and the other people are suprised about his look.
  • "The butterflys in my stomach were more like pigons flying around my inside.""Full of people I never saw before, waiting for the bus, pushing strollers.He then goes to the school.
  • He then gets up with alot of courage, and then talks about himself."Can you speak up honey?""Like a lamb to the slauguter."