Updated: 1/15/2020
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  • And in other news, freakish acid rain storms have destroyed 300 acres of corn in southern B.C.
  • Well golly that sucks...wonder if this'll effect me..
  • Who are you?
  • Whoa man..that was some trip..oh uh hi i'm here to tell you about...err..oh right...ACID RAIN!!..
  • Where did these clothes come from?
  • Acid rain causes severe damage to trees,wildlife habitat and corn!
  • This hazmat suit might not even protect me with this acid rain..
  • Acid rain is a result of compounds like sulfur dioxide are released into air and mix with oxygen,water and other chemicals to form acidic pollutants. These acidic pollutants are known as acid rain. All of this is a result of human activity such as power plants, which release large amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.
  • Thats sad..I wish there was a way to stop it..
  • There is! You can help stop acid rain by having large pollution causing industrial power plants filter their emissions. You as a person can also walk or bike to places instead of driving to them, as cars emit gases like the power plants do. Thanks for listening! Now I have to go back to the future, later!
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