Shriek: By Roberto Garcia
Updated: 1/31/2020
Shriek: By Roberto Garcia
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  • Meet Grif. Grif seems like an ordinary greek civilian living in the woods, but he has a secret he wants no one to know about. His life was practically normal until a mysterious unheard of force came across him without his knowledge
  • As Grif drifts off, he feels a chill goes down his spine. He blames it on it being a chilly night. He then hears scratching, but blows it off on strays. As he begins to dream, he sees his deceased son standing in front of him...
  • Grif fell for Shrieks trap as he tries to confront his deceased son. "Turner" He croaks out. "Is it really y--"
  • Shriek torments Grif by doing unspeakable things. One of these things was ripping off his sons head and using it as a puppet. "I didn't mean to kill him!" He screams into the darkness. "I didn't know he would have been there when that tree fell!"
  • Grif wakes up. It was just a nightmare. He gets up ready for another days work when he gets a chill down his back and hears a faint scratching sound. He realizes it wasn't a dream. That's when he realizes, he somehow feels more at peace, like he has been helped...
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