humans evolution
Updated: 11/6/2018
humans evolution
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  • Human kind, the rulers of planet earth...prior to our complete dominance over the world food chain as we have now we evolved from primitive orgasms said to have originated in the continent of Africa this comic will briefly detail our gradual change from our strong unintelligent ancestors to our considerably weaker, smarter selves diverging from our common ape ancestor we underwent a series of adaptations to become what we are now
  • In the beginning humans more closely resembled modern day apes, walking in a bipedal like stance, a much shorter stockyer build humans
  • overtime ancient humans evolved from there bipedal stance into the upright stance we use today, the "upright man"was the name given to our ancestors in this stage of our evolution. during this time humans evolved to have more brain capacity but weaker muscles in comparison to there ape relatives that favored raw strength over endurance, this increase in brain capacity would be used later in the sapiens evolutionary line
  • I can stand up i just want to crawl right now.
  • as time passed humans learned to craft and use tools to assist in there survival, these ancestors have been nicknamed "handy man".
  • The aforementioned increase in brain power would lead the human race to achieve new heights as a collective.
  • The advancement of the human race was and is possible thru diversifying selection, gaining the ability to walk upright, the increase in brain capacity and the decrease in muscle mass all diversified the gene pool in early humans and the favorable traits were passed on thruout each iteration of human kind, those traits being increase brain power and muscles designed for longer strenuous activity rather than short burst of strength and theses adaptations allowed humans to become the apex predators of the world that we are today.
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