Shinto creation Myth
Updated: 4/23/2020
Shinto creation Myth
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  • please create land for the future to grow on.
  • No, please come back!
  • There were once two gods Izanagi and his wife Izanami, they were asked by the spirits to create new land. They were given a spear which they plunged into the ocean.
  • Come back with me, come home.
  • I'm staying here and you need to except that.
  • As they pulled the spear out of the ocean, drops fell from the tip of the spear forming the first Japanese island. Izanagi and Izanami settled on this first island and gave birth to all of the islands that now form Japan. They also gave birth to a range of different gods to inhabit each of these islands, such as the gods of the trees, winds, rivers and mountains.
  • Who doesn't love a good storm.
  • While giving birth to the god of fire, Izanami died
  • Yes, it is and what a beautiful Emperor you have become.
  • What a beautiful sun rise Grandma.
  • Izanagi followed her to the Land of the Dead, to bring her back, but she refused. He returned alone, but by doing so brought many polluted ways back to Earth with him.These ways caused human wrongdoing and suffering.
  • Izanagi washed himself clean, and the water drops that fell from his body became other gods. One of them being Susanowo the storm god.
  • He also created Amaterasu the Sun goddess. Japanese legends and mythology says that Amaterasu's grandson, Jimmu,became the first Japanese emperor.
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