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Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Bryce Moffat Period 1 3-12-20 Andrew Jackson shouldn't be kept on the $20 bill because he was selfish and careless.SourcesHistorySutoriHistory NetWeb GuidesQuizlet
  • It was a movement for more democracy in American government in the 1830s.
  • Andrew Jackson founded the Jacksonian Democracy in 1825. Jacksonian was pretty much linked to the horrible acts that took place 1619-1865 called slavery. All he cared about was having a celebration with all white men, instead of helping those in need.
  • Wait what is the Jacksonian Democracy again?
  • All this time I thought he was a good person.
  • Although Jackson strongly believed in loyalty, he was not loyal to others. During the Spoils System, he fired 20% of the people he promised he'd help.
  • Well, he was but he just made the wrong decisions.
  • Oh and by the way, the Spoils System was the practice of a political party giving public office to its supporters
  • The Indian Removal Act was a law that was signed on May 28, 1830. It allowed the president to negotiate with southern.
  • Andrew Jackson only created the Indian Removal Act just to get gold from the Native Americans' lands.
  • So wait, States' Rights are the rights and powers held by individual US states?
  • Yep! You're right! Did you know that Jackson actually violated the States' Rights? South Carolina got a proclamation from him. It was a violation because he put a States' Right to nullify a federal law.
  • Good! Also Andrew Jackson vetoes lots of bills and were all even passed by Congress! This shows that Andrew Jackson did not care to follow the Constitution and was selfish
  • I'm going to quiz you! What what was the War on National Bank/Economic Decisions?
  • Okay! The Bank War was the name given to the campaign begun by President Andrew Jackson in 1933 to destroy the second bank.
  • That seems pretty convincing to me!
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