Zac and the death eaters
Updated: 5/21/2020
Zac and the death eaters
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It is epic

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  • In a universe far, far away, an evil army was lurking. They were the death eaters. They once had a fight against the Anasians but were forced back into their own world. They wanted to get revenge.
  • Meanwhile, an Anasian spaceship was gliding through space. There was a sound.
  • Only one person survived the crash. That one person was called Zac.
  • "I will return to my planet and I won't do any more harm."
  • "Do not come back. I will annihilate you if you return."
  • Zac, the death eaters and their leader were now on the same planet! Zac wanted to get away so he jumped into a portal which took him out to...
  • portal
  • ... India. The portal had the effect of making him ginormous so when the death eaters followed he was able to take them down one by one!
  • Only the leader survived. Why did the portal make Zac giant but not the death eaters? What will happen next?To be continued in the next comic!!!
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