My Semana Santa
Updated: 4/15/2021
My Semana Santa

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  • In Sunday I went with my dad´s family who invited me to a public pool near a wonderful view to the horizon, and as the oldest child I had to watch over my little brother wich as always, is very dynamic and does not know how to refrain himself. I enjoyed all the time I spent with them, specially my father and brother since we cant always arrange a hangout unless both of us dont have some pending duty.
  • After Sunday, my mom always left early for work and that also meant I had to take care of my younger sister while she was away. I didnt have anything planned so it was always either drawing, watching videos or napping. Regardless, It was a pleasure. the free time I had in my hands should have been spent better but nothing came to mind.
  • Friday, my mom, sister and I along a cousin, were invited to the beach. Me and her always had one of those crazy swimming competitions though she was cheating most of the time due to her not knowing how to swim so she ran a little while still keeping it lowkey. My sister still would participate whenever she felt like it and we would let her win as good older guardians we are. Sadly this trip backlashed and left all of us like overcooked chicken strips, not funny. 
  • I stayed Friday to Saturday at my cousin´s place, we bathe on her jacuzzi talking about yesterday and how the sun is a tyrant. Nothing too great happend after that, we ate chicken after that and pulled an all nighter until 4AM
  • Sunday, an aunt came to visit and brang her newest member of the family to the house wich is a dog. I really love dogs so I jokingly begged her to leave her dog to me and that I will never treat them wrong. The dog however does not know manners and bit everyone and everything he encountered, but the part I mostly enjoyed was when he would sit on my lap whenever I flopped to the floor.
  • On Monday I was already at my apartment and again had to take care of my sibling during my mother´s work hours. This time I almost took the entire day admiring the view from my balcony, A tranquile day before heading back track into classes.