Tom And Jerry

Updated: 6/29/2020
Tom And Jerry

Storyboard Text

  • I need to find a hiding spot
  • Jerry was sleeping and Tom was sneezing up on her because she looked nice and tasty 😋 Jerry woke up and gave a screech and started to run.
  • I am sooo tired just stop and I won’t eat you
  • Jerry started to run and wasn’t going to stop until that dumb cat left. He was yelling at Tom for him to go away and he was never going to stop running.
  • I am not dumb 🤨
  • Jerry knew if she didn’t react fast she was going to be the dinner for a hungry cat. So she decided to try and find a hiding spot someone in the rocky cliffs because the very along beach was coming to a end.
  • They ran and ran for so long cat was starting to get tired Jerry was busy making joke in her head like how Tom fell off the cliff he would be fine because he would land on his feet.
  • When Tom told Jerry that he wouldn’t eat her he laughed and said he wasn’t dumb. Just then Tom started to run faster then ever but then Jerry was running fast now and the Rocky cliffs were coming to a end.
  • Just then there was a bang and Jerry looked behind him and saw Tom fast asleep and she went up to her and made hissing noises hoping to give Tom nightmares. Then there was a noise and Jerry looked up but she missed it. It was a helicopter searching for them but since they were both running they didn’t see it.