1066 Battle of hastings
Updated: 7/30/2020
1066 Battle of hastings
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  • 1066
  • 1066
  • King Edward Dies
  • Edward Dies
  • I don't have a son, and there is no one else lined up for the throne.
  • Who will be the next king?
  • By Lana Shepherd
  • Harold Godwinson
  • On the 4th of January King Edward died. He was getting old and had some internal issues that couldn't be fixed.
  • Harald Hardraada
  • Harald has been king before, he should get king again!!!
  • As Edward layed to rest he thought about who would be the next king. He didn't have a son so there was no one else lined up for the throne.
  • Duke William of Normandy
  • I'm Edward's cousin, there is no chance anyone else but me will get the throne.
  • Harold Godwinson was a brother in law of KingEdward. In Edwards's dying moments, Harold claims that he told him that he was to be the next king. There is no proof of this being true, it is just Harold's words against others. Harold had been involved in running the world for years, he had been involved in running the army and was an Englis speaker and citizen.
  • I'm Edward's brother in law, I should definitely get King!!
  • Harald was also a contender for the throne. Harald had been the king of England before, from 1016 to 1032. He had no direct blood ties to the English Royal Family. Harald was a very skilled warrior but only spoke Norwegian.
  • Who will be the next king???
  • Duke William of Normandy was a very successful ruler of Normandy (France). He was the cousin of Edward and claimed that he was promised the throne in 1051. William was a good warrior but didn't speak anyEnglish.
  • Keep calm!
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