john the baptist
Updated: 8/14/2020
john the baptist

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Storyboard Text

  • John the Baptist
  • John has nothing
  • John baptises
  • There once was a man named John the Baptist, who was one of Jesus' cousins.
  • The people wonder
  • Is he the savior?
  • I am not the savior, but someone will come soon.
  • John didn't have a house, bed, or really much of anything. All he needed was God.
  • Jesus gets baptised
  • When people heard he was coming to preach and baptise people, they came to listen and get baptised.
  • Jesus is the saviour
  • This is my son, I love him and I am pleased with him.
  • When people were coming to get baptised, they wondered is John was the Savior they had waited for. John heard them and said, "I am not the saviour, but someone will come soon."
  • One day Jesus came to get baptised. John said that Jesus should be baptising him instead of John baptising Jesus. Jesus insisted that John baptised him and John caved in and baptised him.
  • After Jesus had come back up from the water, the sky opened up and the Holy Spirit came like a white dove, and landed on his shoulder. A voice said from heaven, "This is my son, I love him and I am pleased with him."