The Outsiders Recap
Updated: 6/3/2020
The Outsiders Recap

Storyboard Text

  • The Outsiders
  • We are the Outsiders
  • Man vs Himself
  • Johnny isn't dead! he can't be!!! He must be sleeping!
  • Ponyboy is walking around after the rumble . He still can't believe that Ponboy is dead!!!
  • Man vs Man
  • What did we do? Run, Run!!!!!
  • OMG!!!!! BOB is DEAD!!!
  • Ponyboy and Johnny were jumped by Randy and Bob. So Johnny had to kill Bob for self defense.
  • Man vs Nature
  • Help, Help save the kids inside the burning church
  • Ponyboy and Dally went insideto go get the kids inside the burning church.
  • Man vs Society
  • Dally is stealing from the Gas station. This causes Dally to break the law.
  • Give me all the MONEYYY
  • The End
  • We are the Outsiders
  • End The Outsiders