Updated: 3/20/2020

Storyboard Description

You have to read first the speech bubble that is at the top of the scene. And as you go down you read.

Storyboard Text

  • We have to do something!!
  • Peter, Jack and Lily were leaving the high school when they realised that it was too hot.
  • Maybe it's because of the climate change
  • It is soooo hot!!!!
  • OK, We'll be there!!
  • I have an idea!!!Come to my house after having lunch.
  • Okay, if we fix the ozone layer, the Earth will be safe from ultraviolet rays!And we won't be too hot any more!!!
  • It's true!. Because the ozone layer is very important for us, and life on Earth couldn't be possible without this protective shield.
  • So, what's your idea?.........
  • Here I have molecules of oxygen and in the other flask molecules of ozone.
  • Lily guides them to her lab...
  • As you already know, the molecules of ozone are made up of three oxygen atoms.
  • Amazing!!!
  • We will steal a rocket, we will go to the ozone layer and realease new ozone molecules. Isn't it amazing???
  • I'll do it!!
  • Are we going to steal a rocket!?!?!!
  • That's nice!!!I'm in
  • WE ARE NEAR!!!!