Tie Trouble
Updated: 8/16/2019
Tie Trouble

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  • Oh no,I forgot to bring a tie for my job interview.Now I might not get the job.I would buy one at that tie store but I only have 5.00 dollars right now,and a tie there costs 15 dollars.
  • Why spend 15 dollars on tie tie at that expensive store when you can get two ties for 5 dollars from us.You would be saving 10 dollars and you would have another tie for back-up
  • Hello sir,Me and my sales partner couldn't help but over hear on your situation,We are traveling tie salesmen and we have just the tie for you
  • That sounds great!I'll buy two ties right now.
  • Great just give me the 5.00 dollars right now and me and my associate will go to our truck and bring you your tie
  • I'm not to sure about that,I mean we've just met and you want me to give you guys my money first with out even showing me the tie.I don't know if I can trust you.
  • Trust me sir you can count on us,we are honest working men and we always keep our promises.Ask anybody and they'll tell you how trustworthy we are.
  • Not only that but also try to think about your family.If you dont get this job you'll be failing yourself,your children and your family.Try to to think about them.
  • You've made a lot of valid arguements,I think I will trust you,here take my money.
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