Story Board On Heidi
Updated: 2/18/2021
Story Board On Heidi

Storyboard Text

  • Mr Sesemann's mom, Mrs Sesemann was arriving very soon.
  • Mrs Sesemann arrives.
  • "Heidi, call me Grandmamma"
  • "Okay!"
  • The next after noon, Mrs Sesemann went into Miss Rottenmeier's room to know where Heidi was and what she did in the afternoons. And after being told that she doesn't do anything, she wanted to give her some books.
  • "Books! She doesn't even know the alphabet!"
  • "Go and bring her to my room"
  • Heidi soon came to Grandmamma and Grandmamma handed Heidi a book as she knew the child was capable of reading and Heidi was happy after seeing the pictures but she suddenly burst into tears!The pictures reminded Heidi of her old home. Mrs Sesemann managed to console Heidi.
  • "If you try hard and pay attention to Mr. Usher's lessons you will be able to read one day"
  • "I am okay now. But I won't be able to read as my friend Peter tried but he couldn't do it"
  • Heidi wanted to go back home but was afraid that if she tells this to Mr Sesemann, Clara and Gradmamma, they would think that she was ungrateful.
  • Heidi was always sad and Mrs Sesemann noticed this but didn't say anything thinking it would pass. After a few days, when it didn't pass, she took Heidi into her room to ask what was wrong.
  • "If you can't tell me, pray to god and share your troubles with him"
  • "I can't tell you what is wrong"