The Legend of The Toba Lake (Part 2); a comic strip
Updated: 2/26/2021
The Legend of The Toba Lake (Part 2); a comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • What am I going to do with that child...
  • Though the wife would remind her husband to be patient of their child, patience has it's limits.
  • Husband please be patient with him.
  • One day that patience was tested by his son sending him his lunch...
  • Son are you hungry? Because after you eat I want you to send this food to your father.
  • Yes, mother
  • I will
  • Okay son, send this to him. I'm sure he's very hungry and thirsty from working too hard. Be safe.
  • As the son traveling, he became hungry and decided to eat "some" of his father's lunch
  • I'm hungry...I'm sure father wouldn't mind if I ate some of his food...
  • But when it was delivered, and there wasn't anything left to actually eat. So he went home to confront his son about it.
  • *stomach rumbles
  • What happened to all the food???
  • And this is where it led to...
  • Stop lying you son of a fish!
  • Father please stop! I'm sorry
  • Husband please let him go!