Treaty Of Paris
Updated: 2/4/2020
Treaty Of Paris
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  • Treaty Of Paris, 1763
  • By Thien An
  • The British
  • Victory!!!
  • Now we can enjoy victory and have full control of Canada.
  • The French
  • YAY! We can worship freely.
  • Perspectives For Different People
  • Colonists of New France
  • A treaty to escape our problem!!
  • The British had total control over Canada. Britain won so they could enjoy victory! They were happy they won the war.
  • Colonists Of 13 Colonies
  • What a nice house!
  • French lost the war so they must be kinda sad. They lost land. The French become Britain citizens. The french should be happy because they got religious freedom.
  • The First Nations
  • How could the French lose! we helped them so much!
  • New France got smaller as a result of Britain winning the war. The creation of the treaty was justified as it created peace and was a escape to their financial problems.
  • Yes.
  • The 13 Colonies expanded as a result of Britain winning. They could enjoy themselves and relax with a lot of land.
  • Yeah, so much space.
  • The First Nations were shocked at the French for betraying them. They were probably sad and disappointed in the French. The Royal Proclamation made sure that the Britain could not move into the First Nations land. This shows that the Britain acknowledged the First Nations.
  • Yeah! This is how they repay us!
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