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English Storyboard assessment
Updated: 9/13/2020
English Storyboard assessment
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Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1
  • Do not Enter!!!. Danger. Turn Back!!!
  • Scene 2
  • Oh my God, I have to run away, before I am it's next target
  • Hahahahaha! I just killed Jeff and know one will ever know it was me.
  • Scene 3
  • SEST: Establishes the setting and reveals the location of the action.SFX: The thunder and howls possibly from wolves serve as a sound effect and gives information about the environment to enhance the mood of the scene. The Edmingtun Castle is surrounded by complete darkness and thunder to set the scene.
  • Scene 4
  • Please! Don't kill me. I will give you anything please!.
  • You!!! What are you doing here?. You're next so you better run and watch out.
  • Costume and Design: The antagonist; the monstrous figure is wearing a black cloak with blood all over it which symbolises death, evil and mystery. Horror Iconography: The knife held with the antagonist; the monstrous figure creates a further bloodcurdling and spine-chilling scene. The use of horror iconography reveals and signifies severance, death and sacrifice and evil.
  • Scene 5
  • I'm coming for you.
  • Reaction Shot: The shot reveals the disturbing of fear that the protagonist is experiencing/feeling.Canted Frame(Dutch Angle): The camera is tilted sideways to show a dramatic effect to help portray the protagonist's feeling.Diegetic Sound: The protagonist's scream symbolises his fear/shock to these events
  • Scene 6
  • OTS: Used to capture the perspective of the subject camera is placed behind. Often used to manipulate the level of identification an audience has with a character or it can display a relationship between two characters on screen.Diegetic Sound: The crying and screams of the protagonist begging for mercy symbolise the protagonists fear/shock to these events.
  • Three Shot: It showcases three characters including the protagonist and the antagonists in a scene.FS: It allows the subject to fill the frame while keeping the emphasis on the scene.SFX: The wind blowing shows the environment of a scene to enhance a mood
  • Who has summoned me?. Whoever woke me, shall suffer great deals of pain
  • R.I.PLoving HusbandJason Mendoza14th September 1963 - 9th August 2005
  • WS: Shows the audience the background/location the main character is in and compares the character to the backgroundTilt: It works with the wide shot as the camera pivots up and down to showcase the environment the character is in.VO: An effective way to spread info to viewers about what is happening.
  • We're coming for you
  • I need to run. I will hide in here. Hopefully the devilish monsters won't find me
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