Property Project
Updated: 11/8/2018
Property Project
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  • Hmm... I want two cookies. But, one cookie is $1.50 and the other is $1.51. I think that if I buy one before the other it will be more expensive.
  • No, silly. Just use communitive property.
  • How do I use communitive property?
  • Well, one of the cookies was $1.50 and the other was $1.51. And you were afraid that the price would be different depending on the one you ordered first.
  • Thanks!! I get it now. For communitice property it doesnt matter which way the equation is layed out, because you still gt the same answer.
  •  But, 1.50+1.51=1.51+1.50. Or one dollar and fifty cents added to one dollar and fifty-one cents is the smae thing as one dollar and fifty one cents added to one dollar and fifty cents.
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