The Pardoner's Tale

Updated: 5/21/2020
The Pardoner's Tale

Storyboard Text

  • Three very greedy and selfish men, went in pursuit of Death, who supposedly killed their friend and were told that they could find him in an abandoned village; and off they went in pursuit of death.
  • They then meet a man who labelled himself as the defender of death and told them that they can find death under a tree
  • Under the tree they found a hidden treasure with mounds of gold and coins. They decided that they needed to guard it and so two of them stayed with the gold and the other one went to get wine and food.
  • The man who went to get the wine poisoned it to kill the others and keep the money for themselves; and back at the gold under the tree the other two men were scheming to kill the man who was bringing the wine
  • The two men then killed the man and kept all the money for themselves … until they drank the wine
  • The men were poisoned by the wine and died surrounded by gold and all 3 men died of their own greed.