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Updated: 12/12/2018
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  • Beowulf has been the king of the Geats, and he ruled peacefully for 50 years. However, an act of thievery awakens a sleeping dragon.
  • Hey!
  • The dragon terrorizes the town constantly, and the townsfolk are in danger.
  • Beowulf decides to confront the dragon in its cave with his men. However, the dragon intimidates the soldiers, and they abandon Beowulf alone to fight it.
  • We must defeat the dragon!
  • No, it is too strong. You're crazy!
  • Despite discouragement, Beowulf fights the dragon, but he is no match for it. His sword doesn't do any harm to the dragon. However, a man named Wiglaf didn't abandon him. He comes to save Beowulf and defeat the dragon.
  • Oh no...
  • I will save you!
  • Despite Wiglaf's selfless and heroic action, Beowulf becomes mortally wounded and eventually dies. However, Wiglaf saved the town from danger.
  • Thank you... Wiglaf...
  • Nooo!
  • Beowulf instructs Wiglaf to retrieve the treasure from the dragon's cave. The townspeople set up a funeral for Beowulf and grieve. Wiglaf will now remember Beowulf's last words: "You are the last of us, the only one left."
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