Odysseus Project
Updated: 4/15/2020
Odysseus Project

Storyboard Text

  • Men! We need to rest and eat somewhere., for this voyage has been tiresome and treacherous.
  • Scene is divided in half.
  • A dark,horrid, monstrous cave
  • Oh lucky us! Looks like we've got shelter and food!
  • OH NO!
  • You don't expect us to stay now there now, do you captain?
  • Can we just take the food and leave Odysseus?
  • No, I refuse to leave as of yet. We need to see what the caveman has to offer.
  • What is that sound?! Show yourselves at once!!
  • I'm too young to die!
  • HELP!
  • Thank you! What shall you be called?
  • Cyclops, would you like a taste of fine wine?
  • HOORAY!!!
  • ...My eyes!
  • I, the great Odysseus, have blinded the cyclops.
  • Brothers, you must punish Odysseus, for he has blinded me.
  • Curse you Odysseus!