Unknown Story
Updated: 2/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The situation
  • The unsafe habit
  • The unsafe action
  • As Greg walks down the sidewalk from school like he does everyday but today he saw a man screaming at a woman which he knew was not right.
  • The accident
  • Greg walked up to the pair to see if he could be of any help because the woman seemed to be sad and Greg hated to see women cry he thought they were to beautiful to.
  • The result
  • Greg knew there was something wrong because right before he could ask the pair what was wrong the name turned around and yelled at Greg to get away and mind his business.
  • The solution
  • As greg tired to past the man in order to ask the woman if she was alright he felt the man grab onto his hoodie before the name could pull greg away he asked to woman what was wrong.
  • The woman told greg the man was harassing her nonstop so greg quickly told the woman if she was being hurt he could call the police immediately so the woman told him yes as greg already had his phone out as the lady was talking.
  • As the man could hear the police sirens approaching quickly he bolted away from Greg and the woman and surely right after the cops showed up greg and the woman gave their reports and went about there day.