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Updated: 5/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Whitney and I had decided we wanted to go on a double date to Classic Skating and had decided to tell our boyfriends. Sam had said yes immediately, but Hamza was a bit skeptical of the whole idea.
  • For days I asked Hamza if he was going to ask to come, and for days he put it off because he was nervous to ask, but we were going in 2 days and I began to become frustrated and doubtful in him.
  • I was super stressed about the events of earlier today, but I decided to let go and have fun with my friends! We skated for hours and it was amazing!
  • After skating Whitney came to sleep over, but something felt off. I knew inside I had to tell Hamza how I felt and I needed to get over what happened and not hold it against him.