india comic strip

Updated: 1/23/2019
india comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • hello i just woke up to go to school and this is my pet camel, i am part of the Vaisyas and we do not have many rights but we have more than the Sudras
  • what are we learning today
  • we are learning how about the social varnases and how much rights they have
  • one school day later
  • they have the most rights out of all of us
  • this time of day i pray with the brahmins
  • this is when i train to become a warrior like the Kshatriyas
  • i have been meaning to ask you do you have a lot of rights
  • i do, but not as much as the Brahmins
  • my Jati is being a general for the Kshatriyasians
  • i am doing a report for school about the different social varnas in the town
  • which varnas are you a part of and how many rights do you have
  • i have little rights, so i am a part of the Sudras
  • Hello sir what do you need