my story

Updated: 5/22/2021
my story

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  • During the 1990's my grandparents flew to America. My grandpa worked everyday just to provide for our family.
  • He'd come home with bruises on his arm, aching with pain. He saved up enough to bring my parents to America to start a new life.
  • My grandma in China always dressed me up in beautiful dresses. She told me that all of the neighbors said I had the chubbiest cheeks. While I was having fun, I never thought about the hardships my parents went through just for me to have a good life.
  • Few years later my grandpa opened up a restaurant and my parents worked there, at that time I was born.
  • My parents never had time to spend with me so they sent me back to China. I got sent back and forth (China to America) every year.
  • When I was 5 I finally moved back with my parents permanently. It was because we finally had a stable financial life. I was so happy to reunite with them! This tells me that you should always appreciate the things your parents do for you.