Marco Polo
Updated: 2/16/2021
Marco Polo

Storyboard Text

  • Venice, Italy 1269
  • Who are you?
  • I am your father and this is your uncle, where is your mother?
  • Venice, Italy 1271
  • Marco are you sure you want to come with us? Me and your uncle can't back out of this journey now that we've been requested by Pope Gregory X and Kublai Khan, but you still can, this is your last chance to stay...
  • Father I lost you once, I can't lose you for another 15 years, I'm going with you.
  • Persia, 6 months later
  • I see land!
  • Thank god, we almost ran out of water, we'll be traveling by land here on out...
  • The Silk Road, 1273
  • In 1269 Niccolo Polo and Maffeo Polo returned from their long-term trading expedition in Asia to find his dead wife and 15-year-old son, Marco Polo being raised by extended relatives.
  • We have to stop by the next trading post we see, we're almost out of food.
  • I'm thirsty
  • Kublai Khan's Palace, 1274
  • In 1271 Marco Polo and his family set out on a journey to Asia requested by Pope Gregory X, bringing a response to Kublai Khan's letter requesting a hundred missionaries and oil. Two friars joined the Polo's ship but soon turned back after the party left, leaving the Polo's going to Asia empty-handed.
  • Welcome to China, Have you brought the items I requested?
  • What an impressive boy! He's already picking up the Chinese language...
  • Sorry 皇帝 (emperor), the friars we initially brought for you ran off soon after we departed, however the oil you requested is with our luggage.
  • The Silk Road, 1285
  • 6 months later Marco Polo and his family arrived in Persia, they had been drinking from barrels laced with alcohol to keep algae from growing and had been eating a variety of items such as beans, cheese, and peas. They abandoned their ship in Persia and started the long journey to China on foot.
  • Please come stay with us sir!
  • He has a paiza!
  • On the Polo's journey to China, they traveled through Persia, the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, parts of the Silk Road, where they finally arrived in China all on a camel. On the way there, they survived by trading with local merchants for food and water.
  • In 1274 the Polo's arrived in China at Kublai Khan's Palace. Marco Polo picked up the Asian language quickly and soon became one of Khan's ambassadors working as a messenger and spy while traveling through Asia.
  • historically inaccurate palace
  • Marco Polo slowly rose in ranks and became one of the few to have the paiza, a tablet carried by officials that allowed him to use imperial horses and lodging along the silk road. It allowed Marco Polo to travel through Asia as an honoured guest of Kublai Khan, citizens had a high degree of respect for him because of this. His paiza differentiating him from other explorers.