Dance routine
Updated: 6/29/2020
Dance routine
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  • All dancers begin in a scattered line formation with their hands by their sides, heads facing downwards. Then they begin clicking in unison and in-time with the music for 4 counts.
  • Then the two boys who had been standing at the back of the stage travel forwards to meet the female dancers with a glide and then a toe tap when they arrive. Meanwhile, the girls roll up their heads slowly before arriving in the same posture as the boys, with one hand on their waist-line and the other in the air ready to do a classic disco move. they do this 4 times then switch and do the other side.
  • The two end dancers drop to their knees before sliding across the dance floor and arriving flat on their backs. The two remaining dancers jump into a bridge formation with their hands before the two dancers on the floor jump up, cross their feet to spin, then run through the gap between their arms.
  • Then, the two dancers who ran through the bridge previously form their own bridge this time whilst doing a shoulder-stand facing each other to create the arch shape and the two dancers run through holding hands before completing a forward roll whilst still holding hands.
  • The dancers arrive back in a straight line, starting with the girl on the left, they slide to the left and drop down, one after the other in canon using every 2nd beat to do this. Every one spins on the floor to reach a vertical line.
  • Then the dancers rise up at the same time but the front dancers stops when she reaches her knees whilst the back dancer reaches his full height. Their arms go out to the side and slowly rise up in unison then suddenly jerk in canon to new positions so the front girl's arms are diagonally down all the way to the back person's arms being almost vertically above their head. The dancers push out to the side, staggering their glides then finish in a square or four corners formation.
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