muder mystery
Updated: 11/22/2017
muder mystery
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  • Amber has it all but a family. She has a handsome fiancé who is a millionaire but unfortanly dies in a car crash. That evening Amber is found dead in her bed with her sleeve rolled up.
  • Police find a typed letter next to her saying "I can't live without him" They assume she has commited suicide.
  • The police are searching Ambers room for more clues and they discover Ambers diabetes kit. They find some bodies finger prints all over it but they aren't Ambers. Because Amber hasn't got any family the only people she knows are her friend and her fiancés ex wife. The police question them
  • The diabetes kit explains why Ambers sleeve is rolled up Police question the ex wife and best friend. They find out when Amber gets married she would get all of her fiancés money when he dies however if he died before they get married the ex wife would get all of it.
  • Police realise if she killed herself why would she injected herself before and how would she type the letter when there is no computer. The police discover she was mudered!
  • Ambers best friend got CCTV footage of when Ambers fiance died because she works where the accident happened the police watch back the footage and see that the ex wife jumped in front of the car so the fiance had no choice but to crash into a tree and die so she'd get the money. Later that night the ex wife hides in Ambers house and waits for her to sleep and then puts a drug into Ambers diabetes jab and injects it into ambers arm. Police know this because ex wife's finger prints are all over it.
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