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Life of a Samurai (Tokugawa Period)
Updated: 5/4/2020
Life of a Samurai (Tokugawa Period)
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  • Samurai were sworn to serve and protect their Daimyos (Feudal lords) and by the Bushido - 'The way of the warrior', which was the traditional Samurai code of honor, discipline and morality and ensured high standards.
  • Many Samurai practised a form of zen buddhism to help clear their minds of unwanted thoughts and distractions
  • This helped them stay focused and calm during battle or while completing tasks for their Daimyo.
  • Even though Samurai are often portrayed as solely warriors in modern media, during peaceful periods of Japenese history such as the Tokugawa era, which was a time of peace and political stability, Samuai often took the administrative roles for their lords and could even have been scholars, merchants and bureaucrats.
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