Updated: 6/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Election season is coming. Who going to win the vote of the people?
  • We should look at the poll! it will give us an insight on what the people are thinking.
  • "Before the widespread use of caller ID, telephone polls were much easier to carry out. In 1997, a national sample of about 800 respondents required between 2,000 and 2,500 calls. Today, getting that same number of respondents requires between 7,500 and 9,000 calls to get a reasonably sized sample, a precipitous decline in what’s called the response rate, which is seen as a crisis in the industry." Harvard business Review
  • Back in the day poll is conduct via straw poll but we replace that with caller id and telephone poll but as time goes on. The rejected call rate increase and poll can become less and less accurate
  • Most people now tend to prefer to express themselves on social media instead of polls so maybe if there is a way to take that into account to create a more accurate and cheaper polling result. OM-NN (Iterative Opinion Mining using Neural Networks) is a method to taking in opinion on social media and polling it to create an accurate "poll" to reflect public political view.