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Updated: 2/20/2019
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  • Projection
  • Can we leave now?
  • I don’t need that attitude you have anger issues
  • Reaction formation
  • I bought you those chocolates you love
  • Denial
  • Projection is the attribution to others of you negative self concepts. For example Jack has anger issues and attributes it to his wife.
  • Regression
  • Compensation
  • Reaction formation occurs when a person perceives their true feelings as socially unacceptable and therefore attempts to act in a way which proves the opposite. For example jack hates his sister so he buys her presents.
  • At least I can score a touchdown
  • Displacement
  • Denial involves blocking external events from awareness if the situation s too much to handle. For example Jack refuses to admit smoking is bad for his health.
  • When we are stressed or troubled, we may regress back to primitive or childish behavior. For example while studying at 2am for an exam, Jack begins to suck his thumb
  • Compensation occurs when one covers up their weaknsses or feelings of inadequacy by finding gratification in other areas of life. For example Jack sucks at math so he compensates by being good at football.
  • Displacement is when the mind substitutes a new goal for those deemed dangerous or unacceptable. For example Jack is yelled at by his boss so rather than yell back and get fired he takes his anger out in his kids.
  • What did I do?
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