Communities Platform Storyboard

Updated: 6/15/2021
Communities Platform Storyboard

Storyboard Description

Communities Platform Storyboard for ideas to market a new platform I am sourcing.

Storyboard Text

  • BACP Event
  • Getting here today was a struggle, I wish we had a community platform so I can watch the webinar and discuss with you all online about Professional standards
  • I have some really sensitive issues I want to discuss.. I can't voice them in public though, yeah I wish we had a safe place to discuss issues I want!
  • BACP Event
  • Great to meet you again at a BACP event, shame we don't have a community platform to talk to each other after these...
  • BACP Event
  • I have applied to be part of the Communities of Practice Project , I want to make sure it is usable, professional and a safe environment to have discussions about things that matter to me. Have you signed up?
  • Josie really understands the Thresholds Division from a student perspective, I wonder if more students would be interested in being part of this community after the platform is built?
  • Did you all get the volunteer member role description to be part of the project and help design the Communities of Practice Platform?
  • BACP Event
  • BACP Project Team Meeting 
  • "Sometimes after the BACP Events it would be good to have a dedicated space to directly communicate with my peers and discuss issues and provide a safe space to discuss sensitive areas!" We will listen to, learn from and work with our members to inform the work of the association.
  • BACP Project News
  • Thank you for testing the 'Communities of Practice Platform'....
  • "It was great to see BACP listening to us about needing our own Communities of Practice Platform. We can't wait to be a part of this from the beginning."We already know that member communities are forming, this platform will give them an online home that is suitably supported.
  • BACP Communities of Practice Platform News 
  • "Our Community of Practice Lead has just gone to get us some drinks then we can start to plan our project and the functions on the platform."Members will have a space to converse, share best practice and engage in professional discussion on a platform that is fit for purpose.
  • Community of Practice Online Platform BACP is Here!
  • BACP Community Platform
  • BACP Community Platform
  • "I hope the others have finished testing the Communities of Practice Platform, time for a walk "The communities established will allow members to be more responsive to particular topics or interests as they arise.
  • It has been so worthwhile being part of this project, and the platform is really easy to use.
  • "Great to see the final project celebration of the New Communities of Practice Platform!"Members will be offered a complimentary alternative to more traditional course offerings and publications; it opens the door to peer-to-peer learning as well as learning through reflective practice.
  • Release to the Members (date tbc)
  • BACP Community Platform