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  • Greek Mythos
  • My PR department hates you, I shall send you to the depths of the ocean.
  • *Disgruntled shout*
  • Greek Mythos
  • Hey, I'm gonna steal your daughter.
  • I'm shocked and appalled.
  • Ovid's Perspective
  • Whatever Man, Whoo Whoo Whoo
  • What I'm saying is very important, are you picking up what I'm putting down?
  • King Minos is banishing the frowned upon creature to a far away maze, as this scandalous relationship between human and monster is frowned upon by the gods.
  • Hubris
  • Stuff it gramps, I'm a king
  • Minos slays the creature in the prison created by Daedalus; a skilled architect in exile, which demonstrates Minos' commitment to rid the world of his family's controversy. Minos' daughter was also stolen by Theseus.
  • Theme
  • Ovid mocks Icarus' playful nature in his fathers serious attempt to escape exile, which paints a picture of the prideful fool Ovid takes him for.
  • Theme
  • I miss my darling son, but frankly that was a very dull decision.
  • Icarus ignores his fathers orders and acts on his pride, which will eventually lead to his demise.
  • My baby boy, NO!!
  • Icarus' fall is a direct consequence of his refusal to listen to his father, which supports the idea of listening to your elders and not your pride.
  • Daedulus had to suffer the consequences of his son's foolish behavior, lamenting how indifferent Icarus was to the people and situations around him.
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