Updated: 2/14/2021

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  • Daisy’s son Boolie hires Hoke to be his mother’s chauffeur—even though she adamantly doesn’t want one.For the first week or so of Hoke’s employment, Daisy refuses to let him drive her anywhere
  • Daisy discovers Hoke has eaten one of her cans of tuna, and she demands that Boolie fires him on grounds of stealing—only to have Hoke arrive, unconcernedly apologize, and offer the new tuna can he brought to replace the old one
  • Hoke told to Daisy that the temple was bombed. This forced Daisy to a moment of personal fear and grief.Hoke discovers Daisy is growing confused—believing she is still a teacher who needs to get to class. Their time together is just about over, as Boolie decides to send her to a rest home.
  • Daisy breaks out of her mental fog long enough to look Hoke in the eye and tell him “you’re my best friend.” The conflict between them is over. She finally accepts him and acknowledges his place of importance in her life.
  • Boolie sells Daisy’s house, and he and Hoke visit her in the rest home, where Hoke helps her eat her pumpkin pie.