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Updated: 2/1/2021
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  • Just confused cos there's no groceries at home
  • Miss Candace wakes up at 6am to get ready for work for her long day at the office. She has numerous appointments with officials today, and she has already overslept by 35 minutes.
  • Being already 35 minutes behind, she quickly search through her refrigerator and her kitchen cabinet to find some quick breakfast to eat but realises that her cabinet and fridge are completely empty.
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  • She grabs a cup of coffee and makes a mental note to get groceries on the way home whilst scrolling through her handy for other options, but unfortunately heads to work hungry and contemplating on the crowd she will meet at the grocery shop.
  • She gives great presentation at work but realises that the appointments went over time and she is behind on heads down at her desk working. She will not have time to grab lunch as well.
  • Miss Candace decides to use WikInstaShop since she will not go out of the office until 7pm and does not want to waste time at the grocery store to pick up groceries. WikInstaShop allows her to order the noodles recipe she was craving in a few easy steps and delivers all the ingredients to her house.
  • With WikInstaShop delivering all of her food and ingredients, she is very excited. But Miss Candace remembers she has no drinks at home but will have a visitor.