Storyboard That! Views of Judism
Updated: 3/18/2020
Storyboard That! Views of Judism

Storyboard Text

  • Lazarus you can come out now, your faith has healed you.
  • Lazarus Back From the Dead
  • God is the one and true authority over his people, not the Roman government.
  • The Roman Government and Officials
  • The Essenes
  • People are not damned by their knowledge of the law, but God makes the judgment of who should suffer or not based on people's moral actions.
  • The Zealots
  • The Pharisees
  • The ideas of God's gifts of resurrection and the afterlife are real.
  • The Sadducees
  • Your ideas of communal property and meals, relate to the idea I favor called table fellowship
  • Even if the Romans do not show God's views and ideals, people should not act with violence against them.