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Updated: 10/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Introduction to Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Napoleonic Wars
  • Napoleon reinstitutes slavery in Haiti
  • We Welcome back slavery in Haiti
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military leader and emperor who conquered Europe and had a huge rise in power after a series of battles where he conquered his allies.
  • The Napoleonic code
  • The Napoleonic wars were a time of major conflicts between France and its allies.It was all led by the great Napoleon Bonaparte.These wars changed many systems around France.The french became very powerful and conquered most of Europe.
  • Congress of vienna
  • After many circumstances have changed Napoleon had a new idea to establish slavery.
  • Exile of Napoleon
  • The codes of laws are a list of laws and rules that Napoleon and his advisors wrote when Napoleon became emperor to reform France.
  • 1.All people are declared equal before the law2.There were no longer any special privileges for Nobles, Churchmen, or Rich people3.Feudal rights are ended.4.Trial by jury and religious freedom would be guaranteed.
  • 5.Parents were are given power over their children.6.Wives are not allowed to own, sell, or give away property without her husbands consent in writing.7.Fathers are allowed to imprison their children for anytime up to a month.
  • Diplomats had a goal to restore stability and order Europe. hey want to establish a balance of power between Europe and protect the system of monarchy.
  • Napoleon endured a total defeat against his allied forces. He was then exiled to the Island Of Elba.from there he escaped back to France where he tried to regain his power. He was then defeated again by his allies and was sent to St Helena, a place of British possession, where he remained his life until death.
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