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Gandhis life
Updated: 2/21/2019
Gandhis life
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  • Title
  • Gandhi
  • Childhood
  • Becoming a Lawyer
  • Gandhis life by Ryan Rayburn
  • Chauri Chaura Incident
  • Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India on October 2,1869. His mothers name was Karamchand Gandhi, his fathers name was Putlibai Gandhi. Gandhis family moved out of his home town at age 7, they moved to a town called Rajkot. Even at a young age Gandhi was very religious and he kept his promise to not eat meat and never lie. Gandhis dad died when he was 16 short after his mother died when he was 22 this was a very sad time for Gandhi.
  • Salt March
  • Gandhi went to London to become a lawyer and on the way there he was kicked off of a train even though he had a first class ticket because a white man didnt want him to be on the train with him. After this Gandhi relized how bad white people treated indians so he became a activist. When he got his degree he decided to go to South Africa to work and get involved with the trend to get self rule back to Africa.
  • Legacy
  • Gandhi being a activist launched many protests some of these ending in great massacres. Most of the time these protests was non violent but some times protests ended in violence like the Chauri Chaura incident in modern day Uttar Pradesh. Gandhis followers proceded protest the protest being non violent one of the officers killed one of Gandhis followers so the followers started hitting the officers killing some and burning down the police station.
  • Gandhi is known for doing extreme things to get self rule. The salt march would be one of those things. The salt march began on March 12,1930. Gandhi brought along 80 of his most trusted advisors, but at the end was 50,000 strong. The long and gruesome trek was 240 miles long starting in Ahmedabad and ending on the coast of the Arabian Sea. When the party got to the sea they watched Gandhi reach down and scoup up salt from the ocean, Gandhi had just commited a crime. After that they got the Britsh to reduce the steep tax on salt. On that very coast there is a monument of Gandhi.
  • Gandhi was one of the best social and political activists for India. Gandhi ispired a lot of people some of those people being Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. His legacy lived on 60 years after his death and he still inspires some people today.
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